throw dirt enough, and some will stick

throw dirt enough, and some will stick
Persistent slander will eventually pass for truth. Cf. L. calumniare fortiter, et aliquid adhaerebit, slander strongly and some will stick.

1656 Trepan 34 She will say before company, Have you never had the French Pox? speak as in the sight of God: let them Reply what they will, some dirt will stick.

1678 B. R. Letter to Popish Friends 7 ’Tis a blessed Line in Matchiavel—If durt enough be thrown, some will stick.

1705 E. WARD Hudibras Redivivus II. 11 Scurrility’s a useful Trick, Approv’d by the most Politic; Fling Dirt enough, And some will stick.

1857 T. HUGHES Tom Brown’s Schooldays I. viii. Whatever harm a..venomous tongue could do them, he took care should be done. Only throw dirt enough and some of it is sure to stick.

2000 P. LOVESEY Reaper xvi. 201 ‘We both know Owen is full of wind and piss.’ ‘The trouble is not everyone knows that. Throw enough mud, and some will stick.’

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